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carbide rod blanks,tungsten rods,Cemented Carbide are widely used for high-quality solid carbide tools such as milling cutters, end mills, drills or reamers. It can also be used.


New lithium-sulfur battery cell prototype of British OXIS Energy Limited (hereinafter referred as OXIS) has been successfully tested with an energy density of 471Wh/kg and is expected to increase to 500Wh/kg in the next 12 months. The tungsten carbide burrs energy density of the battery approaching 500Wh/kg is an important sign that can nearly double the current mileage of electric vehicles. Take the 2019 Tesla Model S long-endurance model with the longest mileage among currently sold electric models as an example.

The vehicle's pure-electric range is as high as 660km. According to public statistics on the Internet, the battery used is Panasonic's improved 3.1Ah battery with a model number of 18650 in 2011, and its average energy density is about 250Wh/kg. It is higher than the domestic average of 170Wh/kg for EVs, which is one of the reasons why Tesla models its own excellent battery life.

However, if Tesla's lithium-sulfur battery density can reach 471Wh/kg as described, in ideal conditions, the battery volume will Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool be nearly doubled without changing the battery volume, which will double the mileage. The single endurance of electric vehicles will also exceed 1,000 kilometers. Furthermore, OXIS research scientists think they can extend both gravimetric and volumetric energy density towards 600 Wh/kg and over 800 Wh/L.

It is understood that the British battery company puts long provided 400Wh/kg batteries for customers in Europe, America, and Japan. Presently, the company is working with major European chemical partners to develop advanced lithium metal protection mechanisms to significantly improve the life cycle of lithium-sulfur batteries.

The company has also developed a standard Li-S battery module that it says saves production time and cost. The module was designed to be utilized in electric buses, trucks, and marine vessels. It features a fire-resistant carbon-fiber enclosure, modular design, and less than 20 percent non-cell mass.

Besides, the current OXIS battery technology has been successfully used in aircraft battery systems and has been tested on the ground. At the same time, the company has applied for key patents, mainly involving advanced lithium metal protection (ALMP) and solid-state lithium-sulfur battery technology. OXIS plans to double its cell production capacity in the UK in 2020 and has built a test center in Europe for aircraft and vehicle manufacturers to test Li-S cells.

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Go Anywhere With Different Styles Of 4 Wheel Travel Scooters

A travel scooter is good for a person, who is facing limited mobility issues but has a good upper body strength. It allows even an old age person to live a confident lifestyle without depending on anyone else. Due to ongoing demand of these scooters, it is not a surprising factor that scores of companies are coming up with travel or mobility scooters. So, if you are planning to buy a 4 wheel travel scooter, this guide can help you in making an informed decision.

? Transportable Mobility Scooters: Transportable mobility scooter is an ideal solution for your transport related worries.
These are practical scooters, which are easy to operate and come at an affordable price range. Most of these scooters fall into feather-touch disassembly in which the entire scooter breaks into small pieces. These pieces are easy to store in small spaces like trunks of cars and SUVs.
? Folding Travel Scooters: Another equally good option is folding mobility scooter. This is a kind of scooter that allows a person to travel freely outdoors and plan a short outdoor trip frequently. A 4-wheel travel scooter is compact, lightweight and easy to fold in a few steps only. These scooters come in both 3-wheel and 4-wheeler travel scooter category and ideally hold weight up to 350 lbs.
? Full-Size Mobility Scooters: A full-size mobility scooter is an advanced version of a folding scooter. They are designed to offer comfortable ride on all-terrains and have a longer battery life and higher weight holding capacity. Just like other scooters, full-size mobility scooter is a foldable scooter and easy to transport from one place to another.
? 2-Person Mobility Scooters: Some people do not like travelling alone. They prefer exploring outdoors with their life partners. For them, dual seating mobility scooter is a good option. These scooters are heavy-duty scooters with modern construction. Both the partners can sit Tungsten Weight side by side whereas one partner is controlling the delta tiller. The 4 wheel travel scooters offer a stable and comfortable ride to wide seat and suspension feature.

Though, many companies are manufacturing 4 wheel travel scooters in the market, Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies are two brands with a maximum market share. These companies designs scooters with superior design, excellent craftsmanship and advanced safety features. Plus, both companies offer scooters at affordable rental prices as well. So, if any limited mobility user finds buying the scooter an uphill task, he can simply take it on rental basis as long as he desires.

Different kinds of 4 wheel travel scooters are available in the market. These scooters run on different kinds of terrains and equipped with different features. One can either purchase them or take them on an affordable rental rates.

Led Door Logo Projector: Car Emblem Light Up When Door Opens

A new accessory in your car can make it look more attractive, as the upgraded accessories highlight the features of the car and make it youthful. An auxiliary when picked mindfully can add a unique feature to your car and can be highly productive. Among many at the AoonuAuto, an LED door logo projector assortment is a fine accessory to explore as your next upgrade. The same lights up with a sparkling car emblem on it which puts a great show in front of the spectators as soon as the car door opens.

There are some other amazing features of this bright and youthful auxiliary which can light up your cars as well as your Tungsten Carbide Plates lives:

Accentuate the looks of your car in a modish way

You can make your car look more luminous than ever before with this outstanding auxiliary by AoonuAuto.
An amazing projection is formed on the solid ground as soon as you invest some money (not digging a hole in your pocket) and effort for installing this one in your car.

The projection bulb is made of premium quality bulbs with LED chipset and high-definition display for a heart-warming view. The sturdy car accessories online has been made with Philips bulb, and the material that’s used is ABS and aluminum alloy, therefore, making this one a reliable and long-lasting item.

Easy to install LED lights saving your money and time

It depends on which car model you have and then you can narrow down on your pair of gorgeous custom door projector lights from AoonuAuto with the help of their customer care team. In case you buy a general-purpose car door lights then your car needs some serious workshop day. Since installing these lights would require drilling and dismantling of the doors.

However, if you are going for special car door lights then you just need a Sunday for yourself and in half an hour you can DIY the projector lights while looking at the instruction booklet guidelines. It can be a fun activity for you, in which you just need a flat screwdriver to take off the previous lights and install the new ones (projector facing the ground) and there you are ready to roll.

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